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    Соча ,26 ye.

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    Зульфия ,25 ye.

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    Adelya ,21 ye.

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    Tatiana ,23 ye.

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    Ksenia ,22 ye.

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    Ekaterina ,26 ye.

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    Юлия ,28 ye.

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Welcome to the No1 dating site for meeting beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine and other countries. We have over 17231 gorgeous ladies registered as members waiting to meet with you. Join and find your dream bride here. Every woman is genuine and truly searching for a loving relationship. You can exchange with them all of your contact data, like email-addresses, Skype name, ICQ or telephone number. There are no limitations. You can talk to as much women as you want, because you don't pay for each contact or letter.
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  • beautiful women Russia and Ukraine

    Лера ,28 ye.

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    Victoria ,31 ye.

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    Jane ,35 ye.

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    Irina ,40 ye.

  • beautiful women Russia and Ukraine

    Наталья ,31 ye.

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    Анастасия ,25 ye.

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    Светлана ,33 ye.

Why Russian girls? What is special about them?

girls russian brides
You don’t like the attitude that many women in western countries have towards relationships and caring more for themselves than their partner. You do not find the women in your area or your country so beautiful, and those that are pretty are not interested in you as a partner. Well here is the good news, ladies in Russia and Ukraine have traditional views on the role of men and women, every girl wants to do right by their man, and keep them happy, and they feel good in themselves to look after their man like this. Additionally when searching for their husband looks are not so important, better qualities are to find a man with a good heart, who will have time for their lady and take good care of her, and age difference of 10 or even 20 years is quite normal.


Russian girls and ukrainian brides
A beautiful face, a perfect figure, a modern style, Russian girls are not only pretty, they are the cutest brides in the world. Have you ever been at a Russian city? You will be deeply impressed by the beauty and elegance of the local girls. Many of them have stunning model measures. A genuine passion for every viewer. And this pretty girls, with high heels, short and colorful skirts are the majority of people. You will ask yourself:: for whom all this brides make so beautiful? In contrast , Russian man are often machos and see women only as a housewife. Of course they are machos, because they have a wide range of best looking girls and can do the choice. Also it is difficult for many girls to find a man who is faithful to the girl. This is the main reason, why so many Russian brides are looking for a man from North America, West-Europe and Australia. These men have the reputation of being loyal, caring and loving.


dating site with Russian girls
Russian girls have a very good and big heart. They appreciate their family and children. They are very patient, but always waiting, that you love them and appreciate them. Russian brides do not only convince with their beauty but with there internal values. It is no coincidence that they are considered the best women in the world. A meeting with beautiful women from Russia can affect and change your whole life.





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    Ивана ,23 ye.

  • russian girls - beautiful women Ukraine

    Catherine ,23 ye.

  • russian girls - beautiful women Ukraine

    Ana ,20 ye.

  • russian girls - beautiful women Ukraine

    Олеся ,22 ye.

How it works
First step is, of course, to register on our dating site. Then upload some good photos of you. A typically error of some men is to use photos where others can't see you, but see only shadows. The girls think you have to hide something. Remark: most Russian girls only answer to men with at least one photo.


Be active! show yourself as a confident and energetic man as you certainly are. Russian girls like this. Write many letters. It will allow you to see who you are comfortable with, who will be interested in you. Alternatively you can send animated postcards. There are some hundreds of selected motives.


Talk with a lot of Russian women. You want to find the girl of your dreams. So don't hesitate to talk with many women at the same time. Check out, how well your questions are answered and how you feel at your communication. With some Russian girls you don't know what to say next , but with other ones you will instantly find some topics .


Don't write too long letters. Russian women don't like to read endless letters. Better write more but short letters. And most Russian brides of course prefer natural conversation. We recommend you: after some letters, to ask the girl about her phone number, Skype-name or ICQ number. We are in 2010. Most of the women from Russia and Ukraine have Messengers and really all have their mobile phone.


Show your interest. Does she have children? Then ask her about. Is she interested in animals? Then talk about it. For most of the Russian girls (Ukrainian girls) the family is very important. Talk about this theme. Tell her about your family.


If you really like her after telephone calls and letters,- do not waste time, do not make the time destroy something that began to grow between you- Come to Russia/Ukraine and meet her personally. Show her how romantic you are. For your first meeting stay at a hotel. Be sure, your girl will help you to find a good and cheap hotel.


Did you understood well? You had a good time? Then visit her as soon as possible again. Let your love grow!


  • beautiful women - russian girls Ukraine

    Christine ,37 ye.

  • beautiful women - russian girls Ukraine

    Kriss ,27 ye.

  • beautiful women - russian girls Ukraine

    Милана ,21 ye.

  • beautiful women - russian girls Ukraine

    Anastasia ,20 ye.

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On many dating sites you can find many Scammers. This are frauds that tell you that they are beautiful women who are interested in you, but only want to get your money.
Also many dating sites like to show very beautiful model photos at their galleries, but in reality this models don't search over the dating site. But behind this girl there is a employee of the agency speaking with you, who is payed for your conversation. You will be animated to pay ever and ever again for talking with your dream girl.


We guarantee you, that on our site all girls are real and seriously searching for a relationship.
Features of this site
Easy way to contact
you can use winks, postcards, ice-breaks, or letters of variable length for contacting a girl


Detailed psychological report
Do you want to have a faithful and caring woman, use the test to find compatible Russian girls. Detailed psychological report will help you not only find compatible women but also see how you can avoid mistakes in your relationship and make them perfect for your both.


Free online translator
Some Russian girls know only Russian language and no other, but you still can communicate with them. Do you want her to be your Russian bride? Write to her! You both can use our online translator to understand each other. Do not miss the chance to understand Russian soul.


Photo competition
You can put your photo to photo rating or vote for the Russian girls' pictures. Find the best - looking girls and get in contact with them.


At our chat you can directly talk with the Russian girls. Also our chat supports many features.


Unlimited communication with all women
You can contact as many girls as you want. You don't pay per contact or per letter.


Exchange all your contact data
You can exchange email-addresses, telephone-numbers, Skype-name, ICQ-numbers and everything what you want. There is no limitation.


We have our anti-scam program, that helps us to sift away most scammers that pest dating sites. It is a problem of Russian every dating site that several active criminal groups, acting under different names and pictures discredit all Russian girls and dating. Our system protects the site and our customers.


Who is online?
Unlike other dating sites where you can see only when a girl registered (or even do not have even such information) (and I can assure you that it does not tell much! A girl can register today but do not come again to the dating site for a month or more or do not come again at all) we put the information when she was the last time on the dating site. You can write to Russian girls who come regularly to the site, who are serious and understand that building the relationship need time and devotion. Or you can try to write to a woman who was some time ago on the site. Nobody could have written to her and she did not come to see her empty mailbox.


Data privacy
All personal data provided/supplied are exclusively intended for internal use by our company and will/shall not be disseminated/disclosed to third parties.


Every day a few hundreds new Russian girls register to our site.


Every profil of a girl is checked by a real person. We reject scammers. And we know all tricks of this frauds.


Daily more than 10 000 beautiful women go online at our site.


Every day more than 50 000 Messages are sent.


Every day we receive letters of thanks from people who have found their soul mate through our site.


How does payment works?
After you registered you have the possibility to write for free with brides of the free gallerie. This way you can check out if you like the site. You are also able to write one initial letter to every girl. If you decide to order a gold-membership you can communicate with all girls of all galleries for a special period. You can write as many letters as you want. You don't pay for each contact or each letter. Our gold-membership is already available for only 10.40 Euro a month. You have all time full control of your payments. If you decide to cancel your gold-membership and it expires, you still can use your account. Only you are not able to read new messages.